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The Zhe Hai Grand Hotel (Zhehai Dajiudian) is a business hotel situated about a five-minute drive from the bus station and a ten-minute drive from both the airport and downtown area.This Ningbo hotel offers a variety of rooms including business single rooms and deluxe suites.Dining facilities include 12 VIP dining rooms,  a large multifunctional banquet hall and a Western restaurant.[View Detail]         

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  • dlf740508
    Very good!
  • e04574566
    Hotel is poor, room in has a unit smell road, facilities is old, environment dirty, service attitude is poor, waiter all laugh have is fake, not really for customer service, not for customer do facts, solution problem, talk with taunt sex, bully sick, self breakfast more took has is, waiter on has been at with you see, that Manager also said has probe, cannot package, is is funny, is this I not know did, talk to has evidence, no by what such said,Treating customers to continue to operate this way, really very poor, will not go back again, so evaluation is not good, the masses have sharp eyes
  • bjgirl
    Great hotel services, whether it is beautiful or Concierge guy at the front desk or housekeeping staff is fully trained, smiles, and make special uncomfortable. thank you for your hospitality!
  • oliverlee1922
    Live several times, and the staff at the front desk were very friendly, home away from home feeling!
  • e03257148
    Hotel very good! u new!
  • nuoba
    That's good
  • yanfabin
    From the South railway station near nice
  • davidsor
    Service is very good, next to Ningbo stay
  • wenfang
    Hotels and see the staff at the front desk were very cordial, smiling friendly ... great, great ... staying at this price, feel great. breakfast is very rich, mainly Chinese-oriented, West point is not much, but more Chinese varieties. location slightly, but in Ningbo, a modest, taxis are also not far away.
  • amei224
    Hotel location was excellent, room was big and very clean, the service is also very good, next time you come to continue to live!
  • aliimay
    Facilities \ \ health services was great.
  • Erstein
    Great attitude, very comfortable, very warm heart, next time.
  • narcigirl
    Very pleasant stay, breakfast, service very good, breakfast area is like a Manager very helpful explaining things to us routes. will choose to stay here next time.
  • erin1105
    Daiyou clause, reflect very well, is situated some distance
  • ann0310
    Very comfortable hotel, service is also very good.
  • magicollin
    Lived in the hotel there are a lot, relatively speaking. comprehensive hotel facilities! want to have, very good! the only regret is a service and not keeping up facilities! say hello when in addition to the main station near the Concierge including Gates really take the initiative to smile and say hello! in General is still a little regret and hope to stay there again when changing
  • e00109945
    Very good!
  • e04932343
  • redcatprince
    Very nice, good breakfast
  • jnanlli296
    No problem,
  • sanyue1018
    Nice fruit delivered every night (Apple 1 PEAR PEAR 2, 2 small jelly, yogurt, 2 boxes, small Pendant 1) breakfast very good, staff were attentive to details, very intimate.
  • pavel1107
    Room was very big and gave fruit. Nice.
  • xuexiaoyan_1980
    In the suburbs, but not far from the city center, take a taxi to Tianyi square more than 10 pieces, nothing to eat in the vicinity, the environment can also, the breakfast is OK!
  • nn00820
    Hotels in hardware and software are fine, but the surrounding environment is poor, restaurants are hard to find.
  • owenyeyi
    Very satisfied. service attitude is good. to live the next time.
  • e03564307
    A bit far from room was very good, great satisfaction of both father and mother, daughters liked bath, bathroom with bathtub and shower, free choice is to see out of the landscape is not very good, next to a residential building near. breakfast was great, the food is very rich, people eat more at home with satisfaction.
  • maggie_cn
    Service has improved a lot, parking is more difficult
  • cloud3037
    Room bathroom was very spacious, and guests with complimentary snacks and fruit, only drawback is breakfast, super simple daughter costs 68 Yuan, says is the breakfast room, 3 estimate own we haven't tasted out of 68
  • e00810478
    Also, commercial accommodation, didn't eat around.
  • legendlife
    Photos have been passed before the. Ningbo have left because of rain, so the hotel's shuttle service, staff Pro facilities. the next time you will choose if have the opportunity again to Ningbo Zhejiang Ocean.
  • boss8910
  • mbessli
    Environmental good
  • billflying
    As a 4 star hotel in quite good. rooms are quite large, but for the ease of users obviously does not take into account.
  • AndyWilliams
    Hotel staff were very friendly, very good!
  • dianna9999
    First times staying Zhejiang sea big hotel, feel regardless of is location, facilities, service, health are is first-class of. very like here of service, everyone are surface with smile, front desk is beautiful, also is enthusiastic, has problem also will as help we solution. room bathroom Super big, facilities also is new. breakfast is rich, than five-star hotel also not poor. price is affordable, price super high of a hotel, regardless of is himself play, also is business travel, are is last of selected. next also will to
  • CannyLee
    Hotel clean and quiet, just around dinner places not too hard to find
  • Little small submissive
    Room, breakfast very good, especially the fried egg aunt a special passion, he kept advised me to try her skills, always miss the special force, do check out my breakfast! to say is not good, is a bit of a mess around, mixed, but this is not a hotel control
  • xiecg
    Hotel services? like, porridge with warm heart is very warm in winter, there is little fruit and yogurt while the price is not high, but feels very intimate! Only downside was air conditioning and abnormal noise!
  • jay1688
    Hotel of service overall is good especially guest to front desk registration when sent to a cup warm of tea a is warm of service, hotel of practitioners Member quality is good, room inside various phone charging facilities are has some small of details are do have is good, breakfast also is rich is a worth recommended of hotel, to here you can enjoy to star service next to has also is will selected you
  • BigEricYang
    Friendly, considerate. in particular, great front desk personnel, careful, hot?. More breakfast variety, leading to a healthy environment.
  • blueviewblue
    Very good, service is great!
  • lemonsym_414
    Air conditioning sound
  • amcap
    Hotel really good, room is big, bathroom layout tall Shang! whole service are is good, especially early restaurant, attitude super good, see we with has baby, on is active of asked we need to baby Cook points noodles also is wonton! waiter replaced table Shang of garbage disc of speed soon! from airport, railway station came is convenient, but around restaurant restaurant less, shopping what of not is convenient!
  • c123654
    New year live, good vegetables for breakfast
  • faye-xu
  • bottledrift
    Very good, has been living here in Ningbo. is less special room
  • e03610105
    All right
  • japanese
    Service is good, prices. very good hotel, worth recommending.
  • Maruko small ^ ^
    Which is very nice
  • ayumi
    Ningbo travel for the first time, can stay this hotel very happy, hotel managers are very good, excellent service, nice one.